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DmC Devil May Cry - All DLCs CODEX [BEST]

finally, you can go into devil may cry 5 with a hired character. with the help of his employer, you can access the empusa and goliath missions. with the help of the latter, you can even fight against the bane, the main antagonist.

DmC Devil May Cry - All DLCs CODEX


when the player reaches the end of the bonus maze, the game is over and nero opens a top secret storage room that contains all the items that were collected in the game, the bonus boxes, along with a new weapon: the devil breaker. each blade is designed to fit a specific devil breaker arm and the blades can be powered up by earning more bibles. the devil breaker is the player's main weapon and is the only way to defeat the bosses in inkwell hell. this is the biggest change to the weapon system in the series. the devil breaker is the only weapon that cannot be upgraded and can only be switched between devil breakers by performing a nero's slide. each blade of the devil breaker can be upgraded by collecting the nero bottles that appear in-game. there are 11 weapons in total: 3 "regular" and 8 "rare" devil breakers.

when the player has enough bibles, nero decides to head to the inkwell hell casino. as tamagon stands up, he begins to shake, making a noise similar to a motorbike. the devil appears and begins to seduce tamagon. if the player has chosen a devil breaker with the devil's touch ability, they will be able to release tamagon from the devil's grasp. tamagon will run around after the devil and when the devil tries to grab him, nero will be able to attack with his devil breaker. nero will start off weak against the devil, but as the game progresses he will begin to gain more power as he gains more bibles. when he starts to accumulate enough bibles, nero can transform into a demonic animal form.


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