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Eldar Aksenov
Eldar Aksenov

Skyrim Khajiit Face Mod

This page presents a very cute and interesting mod that replaces the appearance of the Khajiit. However, this will apply to the female representatives of this race. After you install the appropriate content, their faces will become many times more beautiful, and look like cats from the real world.All this is achieved by some changes in the overall shape of the face as well as the nose. All the changes are visible on the kindly provided images, and it's just impossible not to agree that it looks like a very cute way.

Skyrim Khajiit Face Mod

A man from the modern world crossed an unknown dimensional rift ended up in Skyrim. Little does he know the full depth of Tamriel's history and pre history. After being captured at an imperial ambush and taken to Helgen, he sets forth on his journey that will change the face of Tamriel and the world of Nirn for ever.

Whispers are abound that a powerful and dangerous Dark Wizard believed to be dead is not truly dead. People fear he may return to the living. But he is not the only threat looming on the horizon. Dark times lie ahead for us all, and the actions of a Stag and a Dragon could determine whether we face victory or defeat....

Amber is no hero. Seizing the opportunity to fake her death and escape the vengeance of her family's enemies, she discovers that a new face and name cannot save her from the legacy of her blood when Alduin's shadow falls over Skyrim. Little and lost, she must kindle her hope and courage like embers in the darkness. But she does not walk alone. The paladin. The ranger. The bounty hunter. The scholar. She has more allies than she knows... but will it be enough to defeat the enemies she faces?

Sul poked at the fire, his brow furrowing, then tossed his head to indicate their surroundings. "[Solstheim]'s not the most fruitful land," he said. "And in my day almost unpopulated, and then by scraggly tribesmen with no clear allegiance toward Skyrim or the Empire. Morrowind had always laid theoretical claim to the place. If Skyrim hadn't given it freely, odds are the refugees would have settled there anyway, forcing the Nords to either fight or lose face. This way they came out looking like saviors."


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